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Branch Automation: BranchFormation

Financial and competitive pressures. Consumer demands for convenience and innovation. These factors combine to create the challenge of push and pull for many banks and credit unions.

Enter BranchServ. BranchServ transforms bank branches with technology; creating an optimal customer experience while supporting profit growth for its client base. How?

BranchServ has extended its product and service capabilities to include transaction automation products and services, including:

ATMs You Can Depend On

  • Enhanced Functionality and Intelligent Deposit
  • Optimized Security
  • Reduced Downtime

Click on photos for Nautilus Hyosung ATM product specifications


The Right Cash Recyclers

  • Increased Operational Efficiencies
  • Improved Security (read more here)
  • Stronger Customer Relationships

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Click here for link to video or check out our recycler-specific website:

Advanced Cash Automation: The MX8800

  • More Comprehensive and Convenient
    Assisted Self-Service
  • Optimized Branch Operations
  • Enhanced Customer Focus and Profit Generation
  • Support via Universal Bankers During Bank Hours and Access Video Teller After Hours*

Click on photo for MX8800 specifications

*Understand how video teller works with the MX8800- see here

The Nautilus Hyosung MX8800 facilitates increased efficiencies by reducing overall teller staff and centralizing operations.  Staff is reallocated to customer assistance and profit generating activity. Customer relationships improve due to personalized attention and reduced customer wait times.


Are You Still Trying to Understand How Automation Can Work at Your Bank?
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How BranchServ is Making it Happen

BranchServ has created vendor alliances that allow us to fully address our customer automation needs. BranchServ not only sells a comprehensive automation suite; we have invested in training and development to support this equipment via ongoing service after purchase.

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