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Branch Development Solutions

The Right Development Solution

Whether we're outfitting a de novo branch or renovating an existing one, BranchServ is distinguished by its consultative sales approach and world-class project management. We sell and service the highest performing products in the industry, custom-configured to meet client security, site and business requirements.

Expert Analysis of Branch Equipment Needs

BranchServ's expert sales consultants draw upon their extensive product experience to determine the right equipment solution, leveraging their understanding of how equipment performance will dovetail with individual branch requirements. Our comprehensive approach to equipment configuration includes a review of:

  • Industry and Branch Security Standards. BPA guidelines, geographic context and a bank's internal security standards are reviewed to ensure that security is maintained.
  • Business Requirements. We consider everything that impacts branch operations; from traffic flow analysis to ergonomics to fit-and-finish, overlaying geographic norms for branch locations to optimize the configuration of teller stations and drive-ups.
  • Budget. We work within the project budget, creatively configuring standard product to achieve custom results.

Understanding the context of a project ensures that the equipment solution is fully coordinated with branch operations.  BranchServ takes the time to make that happen.

Disciplined Project Management Process

The BranchServ Project Management Process is a disciplined and practiced effort to ensure smooth project flows and on-time, on-budget execution of de novo and renovation projects. Project Management Teams are led by seasoned professionals that stand ready to lend their extensive expertise to every phase of the project.

  • Detailed Plan Drawings. Working with the branch architect, we provide detailed plan drawings that overlay recommended equipment configuration on construction drawings. This allows us to ensure that equipment is specified accurately for our clients' applications, and it eliminates downstream errors that might jeopardize construction schedules and budgets.
  • Coordinated Project Flow. Project Managers are on-site for every phase of the project; from pre-construction meetings to test and turnover, ensuring that everything is delivered and installed to our exacting standards. They coordinate the flow of material and labor to the job site and work closely with branch personnel and other trades, responding to evolving construction schedules to guarantee timely project completion.
  • Expert Installation, Test & Turnover. Expert installation teams have extensive experience with the installation of physical and electronic security equipment. BranchServ's expert Field Service Technicians test and turnover every piece of equipment and train branch personnel in basic equipment care and operation.

Escheatment Solution

Escheatment is an arduous and costly procedure for banks, nevertheless, it is required by law. BranchServ's Escheatment Solution relieves escheatment aggravation by streamlining the process and reducing costs. Our customized compliance programs adhere to bank budgets and timetables and facilitate meeting state reporting guidelines. Furthermore, we offer ongoing maintenance programs to prevent backlog.

Seamless Service & Maintenance

Our warranties are the best in the industry, with a full year of parts and labor coverage for everything we sell. Once equipment is installed, we can also deliver ongoing equipment care in the form of our service and maintenance programs, providing a seamless transition for branch operations.