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Equipment Renewal and Upgrades

BranchServ offers special service and asset restoration programs designed to either bring old or retired assets back into service.  We also upgrade existing assets to improve security, lower operating costs, ensure compliance and/or enhance revenue streams.  Our programs are designed to ensure short payback periods and create immediate optimization of the end customer’s experience.

ATM Security Upgrades

BranchServ's ATM Upgrade programs apply upgraded, technologically advanced security systems to existing ATM's to lower operating costs and enhance loss prevention measures. Using biometric technology, the ATM Upgrade provides higher security and a more reliable, fully automated audit trail while eliminating the need for dual controls.

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Escheatment Solution

Escheatment is an arduous and costly procedure for banks and credit unions, nevertheless, it is required by law.

BranchServ's Escheatment Solution relieves escheatment aggravation by streamlining the process and reducing costs.

Our customized compliance programs adhere to bank budgets and timetables and facilitate meeting state reporting guidelines. Furthermore, we offer ongoing maintenance programs to prevent backlog.

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SD Renewal Program

BranchServ's SD Renewal restores single or multiple safe deposit boxes to service without disruption to branch operations at a fraction of the cost of replacing entire nests. BranchServ's service team will customize a program to rotate out old safe deposit box doors; upgrading locks and refinishing the doors to look like new. Most projects pay back in less than eighteen months, and safe deposit boxes are returned to service looking and performing like new equipment, ready to generate revenue for your institution.