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Corporate Headquarters
4 Research Drive
Bethel, CT  06801
voice    203.403.4200
fax       203.403.4201

BranchServ Service Inquiries

1.800.948.2858 or 1.866.948.2858 See Below

BranchServ Equipment Inquiries


Department Contacts

Service Centers

Human Resources
Saundra Miner, Human Resources Director

voice     203.403.4218
fax        203.403.4201

Rebecca Cicarelli, Marketing Director

voice     203.403.4226
fax        203.403.4206

David Pepin, Chief Operations Officer

voice     919.449.4655
fax        203.403.4201


Service Toll Free Numbers
1.800.948.2858 New England/NY Metro/VA/DC Metro
1.866.948.2858 Other Regions

New England
1 Industrial Drive
Pelham, NH  03076
voice      603.402.2580

New York Metro and Mid-Atlantic
4 Research Drive
Bethel, CT  06801
voice      203.403.4200
fax         203.403.4201

Virginia and DC Metro
1011 Boulders Spring Dr, Suite 140
Richmond, VA 23225
voice      804.823.8660
fax         804.745.2362

18339 Old Statesville Road
Unit A
Cornelius, NC  28031
voice      704.897.5620
fax         704.897.5621

South Central
3535 S Sherwood Forest Blvd.
Suite 201
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
voice      255.291.6533
fax         255.291.6533


Regional Sales Contacts


Eastern Massachusetts/Maine/
New Hampshire/Vermont

Paul Vercellin, Vice President NE Sales

voice      603.966.3401
fax         603.966.3400

Metro New York
Jon DeBenedetto, Regional Sales Director

voice      484.894.5803
fax         203.403.4206

Upstate NY/Western Massachusetts/Connecticut
Brian Sullivan, Regional Sales Director

voice      203.615.2650
fax         203.403.4206

Mid-Atlantic and SouthEast
Win Elliot, Regional Sales Director

voice      603.505.6470
fax         301.560.6310




Virginia and DC Metro

Jeff Trimble, Regional Sales Director

voice      804.745.0010
fax         804.745.2362

Other U.S.
David Pepin, Chief Operations Officer

voice      919.449.4655
fax         203.403.4226

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