BranchPMSM Program

As a component of the TotalServSM program or as a stand alone option, our BranchPMSM program leverages proactive equipment care to optimize the efficiency of branch physical and electronic security equipment, maintain security standards and enhance the end-customer experience.

Through structured preventative maintenance programs, we can catch minor problems today—before they become tomorrow's equipment failures—reducing the overall costs of physical and electronic security equipment across the branch network.

Customized BranchPMSM programs include:

  • Annual Customized Inspection. Our experts custom-design a preventative maintenance program featuring a detailed 150-point inspection covering every operating and wear component of the branch's physical and electronic security equipment inventory.
  • Equipment Cleaning. To ensure that the branch presents the most professional image to its customers, equipment cleaning includes wipe-down of all safe deposit boxes, vault doors, and undercounter steel.
  • Digital Image Library for Installed Base. We maintain a digital library of all physical and electronic security equipment in each branch, enabling bank facilities managers and security professionals at headquarters to better ensure compliance with corporate and industry security standards.
  • Capital Budgeting/Equipment Utilization. Our first priority is to maximize the utilization of existing assets and, with an extensive inventory of out-of-production parts, we are well positioned to do that. During our annual inspection, we review repair records and make suggestions as to where an investment or upgrade to equipment would yield payback when measured against keeping an aging piece of equipment in service.
Service Technician

BranchPMSM clients are automatically enrolled as OnDemandSM clients providing priority access to our vast client service network, expert field service resources, all on an on-call basis, with special discounted service call rates.

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"Nothing is more disruptive to our branch operation than equipment that has gone down. Our BranchPM program has reduced equipment downtime considerably, improving both security and the experience of end customers."
- VP Security, 500-branch retail bank network