Our Approach - Service Programs

The BranchServ Approach to Service

BranchServ has developed a coordinated, client-driven approach to delivering service like it used to be—qualified personnel with the right parts and the right tools, deployed to ensure a timely response to every service call. We invest in people, technology and infrastructure to optimize operational efficiencies and maintain a corporate culture that supports our ability to deliver the highest first time resolution rates in the industry.

Exceptional People with Unparalleled Product Expertise

It's all about the people and how we empower them to do their jobs right. BranchServ employees are notable for their:

  • Experience & Skill. The average BranchServ technician has over 20 years of experience in the physical and electronic security equipment industry. All are cross-trained in multiple disciplines. Networked together through mobile communication devices, any one of our technicians can tap into the knowledge of the rest of the team to troubleshoot problems on site.
  • Professionalism & Commitment. Our staff adheres to our highest standards of professional conduct, whether they are working behind the scenes or out in a branch setting. All technicians, client service representatives and product experts personify our corporate commitment to client service excellence.

Equipped with the Right Tools

We've made a significant investment to supply our Field Technicians with what they need to get their jobs done efficiently and on the first time out including:

  • Tools. Field Service Technicians are fully equipped with all of the tools necessary to successfully accomodate all standard and emergency service calls, including full sets of combination keys, key cutting machines, specialty scopes, drill rigs, and diagnostic equipment.
  • Training. All Technicians are cross-trained to optimize proficiency with all physical and electronic security equipment. This is how we ensure that the job gets done right, the first time.
  • Central Operations Support. Every Technician is supported by the BranchServ field service network, including our state-of-the-art central lock, key and machine shops. Every local BranchServ Service Center can deploy mobile equipment to job sites within hours, perform efficient large-scale key cutting projects and provide refinishing and part fabrication for out-of-production equipment.

Empowered by Technology

BranchServ leads the industry in leveraging technology to create operational and service efficiencies. Notable investments have been made to optimize:

  • Advanced Call Center Technology. A world-class centralized Call Center with ACD switching supported by real-time mapping, GPS tracking and proprietary route optimization and scheduling algorithms ensures the fastest possible response. The Call Center is there to respond to your needs 7 days per week, and accommodates the most aggressive bank schedules.
  • Dispatch Software. Our proprietary software matches the nature of the service call to Field Service Technician qualifications, the parts on the van and even branch preferences to ensure not just the fastest response, but also improve the technician's ability to resolve the call the first time out.
  • Field Service Software. BranchServ Service Techs carry iPads equipped with internally customized applications that automate field service processes, increase productivity and enhance our customer satisfaction.
  • Mobile Wireless Access for Remote Technical Support. Technicians have mobile access to imaged technical data for the installed base of equipment and access to each other to share expertise and speed the diagnosis of problems.

Supported by a Client-Focused Supply Chain

BranchServ's supply chain organization is focused on supporting the best response time and resolution rates in the industry via:

  • Extensive Vendor Networks. We have created partnerships with all major physical and electronic security equipment manufacturers and maintain large stores of replacement parts and components in both our local Service Centers and our central warehousing facility.
  • Mobile Parts Warehouses. Field service vehicles are fully stocked with parts. Vans are fed with parts from our local service centers, our central warehouse, and directly by vendors—providing multiple supply routes to ensure the best parts availability in the industry.
  • Out-of-Production Parts Inventories. We maintain extensive inventories of out-of-production parts, including Mosler and LeFebure, to support our client's installed base and enable us to repair what others might replace.

Positioned to Serve

BranchServ currently serving over 7,200 branches from Maine to Florida, and also supports banks and credit unions in the South Central United States. Four Service Centers with 70 expert in-house Field Service Technicians provide support. We have also developed an extensive network of BranchServ Qualified Service Providers to back-up our in-house team in the event of peak load emergencies, ensuring that our high service levels remain constant under any circumstance.

Driven by Our Mission, Embedded in Our Culture

Ours is a performance-driven culture where client focus is the overriding mandate. We measure success in terms of client satisfaction and relentlessly pursue continuous improvement in everything we do. All BranchServ employees, from back-office support personnel to front-line Field Service Technicians, are mandated to put the client first. Every business decision, operational procedure and investment we make is designed to support that objective. Notably, technicians are measured by their resolution rates, not on equipment sales, ensuring that their interests are aligned with those of their clients.

"Before coming to BranchServ, I worked for our largest competitor where I was measured on how much revenue I generated from a service call. That often put me at odds with what was best for my clients. At BranchServ, I am measure only on customer satisfaction. that puts me completely on the customer's side. if I can save the customer money by fabricating a part for a piece of out-of-production equipment, then I have the resources and corporate support to do it."
  ~ Jonnie Hill, DC/Metro Field Service Technician, BranchServ employee since 2005 (97.5% First-Time Completion)