TotalServSM Service Program

Our premier TotalServSM program provides an all-inclusive service contract that covers all aspects of branch physical and electronic security equipment planning, maintenance and service for a single annual contract fee. From cleanings and structured preventative maintenance programs to all travel, labor and parts charges for service calls — TotalServSM provides a comprehensive solution that reduces branch equipment costs while improving service levels and preserving security standards.

Total Alignment with Client Needs

This next generation service model perfectly aligns our interests with those of our clients, creating a win-win service relationship that generates service levels that are unparalleled in our industry. We succeed by:

  • Eliminating the administrative overhead associated with accounting for individual service calls, thereby improving operational efficiency for BranchServ and for our customers.
  • Minimizing service issues with proactive preventative maintenance and by fully equipping service personnel with the parts, equipment and technology they need to resolve service calls efficiently.
  • Embedding a client focus into every corner of the organization—from how we measure employees (on client satisfaction, never revenue) to how we manage our supply chain (customized for each client), we create a culture that is focused on service.

It all translates into the quickest response rates, the highest first time resolution rates and the highest levels of client satisfaction in our industry.

The TotalServSM program guarantees a number of benefits to participating customers including:

Priority Service

All of our resources are brought to the TotalServSM solution to provide a premier level of service unparalleled in the industry. We offer:

  • Dedicated Client Service Teams. TotalServSM clients are assigned dedicated 800 service numbers answered by members of their own client service teams who know their accounts, understand their branch operations and stand ready to facilitate a total-company response to their needs.
  • Priority Dispatch. Call Center technology matches the nature of the service call to a Field Service Technician's specific qualifications, the parts on the van and even the preferences of the individual branches.
  • Guaranteed Response Times. 4 hours or less for emergency calls, 48 hours for drive-up replacements and the end of the next business day for regular service calls.

Improved Response Times with Managed Parts Inventories

For TotalServSM clients, we establish custom parts inventories planned and maintained specifically to cover the installed base of equipment in their branch network:

  • Dedicated Emergency Systems. We hold a dedicated stock of branch drive-up parts so that we can guarantee emergency replacement within 48 hours.
  • Out-of-Production Parts. We have an extensive inventory of parts for out-of- production manufacturers such as Mosler and LeFebure, allowing us to repair equipment our competitors might replace.

Minimal Downtime with Preventative Maintenance

Through structured preventative maintenance programs, we catch minor problems before they become tomorrow's equipment failures, partnering with our clients to minimize equipment downtime and improve operational efficiency. A comprehensive BranchPMSM program is an essential component of the TotalServSM approach and includes:

  • Annual Inspection. Our experts will custom-design a preventative maintenance program featuring a detailed 150-point inspection covering every operating and wear component of the branch's physical and electronic security equipment inventory.
  • Equipment Cleaning. Equipment cleaning includes wipe-down of all safe deposit boxes, vault doors, stainless and undercounter steel to ensure that the branch presents the best possible appearance to end customers.
  • Digital Image Library for Installed Base. We maintain a digital library of all physical and electronic security equipment in each branch. This enables bank facilities managers and security professionals at headquarters to better ensure compliance to bank standards at the branch level.
  • Capital Budgeting/Equipment Utilization. Our first priority is to maximize the utilization of existing assets and, with an extensive inventory of out-of-production parts, we are well positioned to do so. As a partner in optimizing the efficiency of the branch, we also recommend replacement when the forecasted reliability of a piece of equipment would get in the way of operations. During our annual inspection, we review repair records and make suggestions as to where an investment or upgrade to equipment would yield payback when measured against keeping an aging piece of equipment in service.

Lower Overall Costs & Create Greater Cost Certainty

By virtually eliminating per transaction costs and the administrative overhead that goes along with them, we radically reduce management complexity and back-office costs of service—for us and our clients. We redirect those resources towards improving service levels, lowering the overall costs of service and reducing equipment downtime. Because there are few variable charges under the TotalServSM program, budgeted service expense is highly predictable and reliable. Our Client Service Teams will also work hand-in-hand with TotalServSM clients to develop annual capital budgets further increasing the predictability of the equipment line item

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