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Access Control - Security Solutions

Access control systems are a security measure commonly used by businesses to monitor and restrict who has access to facilities and areas within. BranchServ offers state of the art, fully customized access control solutions that provide a number of benefits, namely:

  • Threat Deterrence
  • Cost Management
  • Convenience
  • Flexibility
  • Reduced Liability
  • Customized restrictions to control days and times where access is allowed
  • An audit trail that provides a time and date stamped record of every opening or attempted opening of a lock/door
  • Automation systems that can lock/unlock doors or gates at specified intervals
  • Remote Access Capabilities

Access control systems far exceed traditional keyed solutions with regard to all of the above. Identity management enables you to move beyond just managing doors, to truly securing facilities, people and assets. And the investment is surely justified.

Solutions can be standalone (single door) or fully networked (where doors all communicate with a central computer). Facilities with three or more doors are highly encouraged to pursue the latter. Going a step further, complete integration with IT and logical security systems can achieve convergence and therefore facilitate performance, scalability and efficiency. BranchServ highly encourages integration of all electronic security elements including access control, intrusion alarm, and video surveillance for optimal protection.

Access control systems are generally comprised of readers and keypads that are activated by cards, fobs or biometrics. These can be designed to be hands free if desired. The wall mounted units can be customized to optimize aesthetics and blend with the environment. Replaceable fascias keep things looking clean and modern.

Use our Keyless Kalculator to figure out your savings and time to recoup investment when you switch to a Keyless Access Control System.