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Asset Protection - Security Solutions

In a financial services environment, it is imperative to ensure secure containment of cash and customer valuables.

Lockers, safes, vaults and safe deposit boxes from BranchServ are all key components of our Asset Protection Program, and guard against both internal theft and robbery.


Cash or teller lockers are critical for keeping cash secure from internal theft or robbery. BranchServ offers heavy-gauge modular products with custom configuration to optimize flexibility, economy and appearance without sacrificing security.

Protection is further ensured via lock options like single or double nose, combination locks, electronic locks and time delay locks. Dual controls are also available.

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CustomVault, BranchServ's sister company, is the leading provider of technologically advanced, high-security modular vault systems for financial service applications. Having invented the modular approach to vault manufacturing, CustomVault has been advancing the state-of-the-art for over 20 years, installing thousands of GSA and UL listed vault systems around the world.

Our deep understanding of how our clients do business within a secure environment allows us deliver solutions that not only satisfy regulatory requirements, but also optimize operational efficiency.

CustomVault offers UL Class M, 1, 2, 3 & GSA rated vault solutions:

  • LightWeight™ Solutions. Laminated panel systems that can be installed virtually anywhere, even in tight, existing footprints where access by heavy equipment is limited.
  • MegaVault™ Solutions. Concrete reinforced modular panels systems for traditional slab-on-grade applications and optimal cost efficiency.
  • MicroVault™ Solutions. Small-sized modular vaults that can be installed anywhere as a larger and lower cost alternative to refrigerator safes.

Complemented by UL Listed Vault Doors

Vault doors from CustomVault are custom-configured to the specific security, site and business requirements of the project. Size, finish, locking mechanisms and emergency features can all be customized. Doors are available with Class M, 1, 2, and 3 UL ratings.

  • Any Size, For Any Application. We offer a variety of application-driven sizing options to efficiently accommodate access requirements including elevator height doors, custom-sized doors and extra wide doors.
  • Customized Finish Options. Customized finish options are available to allow the vault door to blend seamlessly with your architecture and environment. Stainless steel is the finish standard, with a shiplap connection to allow for installation without grout. Daygates are available in acrylic brushed aluminum bar style or expanded metal.
  • Equipped For Emergencies. In the event that someone is locked, emergency features include vault ventilators which incorporate a small fan to draw fresh air into the vault system in the event of an emergency where someone is locked within the vault. Doors may also be equipped with a phone on the inside door panel.
  • Custom Locking Mechanisms. Doors are equipped with three movement, 144 hour timelocks and up to 3 UL listed single or dual-control combination locks. Electronic locks also available with or without audit trail capability.

Learn more about Modular Vault Solutions at the CustomVault site.

BranchServ is an authorized distributor for Hamilton Safe, Access Security Products, and Securifort.
We offer a variety of high-security standard safes that protect against theft and/or fire with ratings of TL-15, TL-30 and TR/TL 30x6. In addition, we custom-configure any safe to meet the project's size requirements.

Plate Safes & Composite

Plate Safes are available with TL-15, TL-30, and TRTL-30, and TR/TL-30x6 UL ratings. Composite safes are an alternative to steel plate safes, with walls made of thin steel forms filled with high performance aggregate. The result is a UL rated TL-15 or TL-30 security chest at a much lower cost than a traditional plate safe.

Options & Customization

  • Interiors can be customized with adjustable shelves or purpose-built compartments
  • A range of exterior finish options
  • Door swing in either direction
  • Locking & Security Mechanisms
  • UL Combination locks with key locking dials
  • Glass re-lockers
  • Electronic locks
  • Time locks (2 or 3 movements)
  • Full height locking bar on hinge side

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Despite the advent of online banking, many customers are still store valuables and important documents in a safe deposit box, therefore entrusting the financial institution and credit unions to keep them safe.

BranchServ is dedicated to providing well-made, high-security safe deposit boxes that optimize available space and allow banks to serve all customers that seek this option.

Boxes are secured with locks that adhere to institutional requirements.

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