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Branch Transaction - Security Solutions

New: ATM & Lobby Security

BranchServ now offers three new products for the purposes of optimizing ATM and lobby security:

The BranchServ ASD (Anti-Skimming Device) is a revolutionary and cost-effective solution to prevent skimming at ATM vestibule point-of-entry card readers. Installation is non-intrusive and integrated with internal systems. Contact BranchServ today to learn more:

The ATMScreamer is an innovative response to ATM theft and vandalism. Stand-alone ATM installations are particularly vulnerable to attack, and the financial loss can be significant. Quick installation of this device deters theft/vandalism in an efficient and cost effective manner. Tilt sensors activate 125db sirens that are powered by both standard electric and back-up batteries, to ensure a sustained warning to potential criminals and alert police. Contact BranchServ today to learn more:

Bullet resistant portals for point-of-entry installation have now been added to our BR suite. In partnership with Isotec, BranchServ is recommending installation at high-risk urban banks and credit unions. Integrated metal detectors allow financial institutions to move beyond the concept of a simple mantrap, and elevate the level of security for both employees and customers. View Brochure

After Hours Depositories

Maximize your availability to customers by providing for convenient and secure deposit capabilities after-hours. BranchServ offers a number of solutions that adhere to the highest of security standards, but are customized to accommodate site requirements.

Optimal protection for theft deterrence is balanced with user friendliness, resulting in high levels of end customer satisfaction.

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Undercounter Steel

BranchServ’s undercounter steel offerings adhere to the highest design and construction standards. Ultimately, our modular cabinets and pedestals complement the aesthetic of your facility, while ensuring both functionality and security. Quality, flexibility and integrity are guaranteed in everything we sell.

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