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The Keyless Kalculator - Access Control

Is it worth it to switch from keyed doors to keyless access control? The advantages are evident, and the investment surely justified.

A Keyless System

  • Complements existing lock systems.
  • Enhances level of protection.
  • Allows for controlled access within a facility in addition to egress doors.
  • Supports a detailed audit trail.
  • Facilitates immediate changes to access.
  • Eliminates the stress and expense of lost or withheld keys.
  • Enables upgrade to include Robber Lock-Down functionality.
  • Ensures ability to remotely view, control and monitor door status real-time.
  • Makes financial sense.

Run the Numbers

If you are using a traditional lock and key method of access, just one lost or withheld key creates both physical risk to your facility and stress on branch management, and mandates immediate lock changes. Subsequently, the average branch incurs $800-1000 annually in rekeying expenses. If you utilize a common key approach, the financial and security implications for your bank can be even more significant. On the contrary, if you use a keyless system, a lost fob can be deactivated in mere minutes – with no additional cost or disruption of business.

But does it merit the investment? The answer is a definitive yes.

Run your numbers below: