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Video Surveillance - Security Solutions

Video surveillance systems are a highly effective element of electronic security, allowing for early detection of potential dangers and rapid intervention to minimize damage.

In a 2008 report from The American Management Association, almost half (48%) of the companies surveyed utilized video monitoring to counter theft, violence and sabotage. BranchServ offers video surveillance equipment including cameras, CCTV, and DVRs/NVRs that provides a number of benefits including:

  • Theft Prevention
  • Heightened Levels of Employee/Customer Safety
  • Improved Employee Productivity
  • Internal Dispute Resolution
  • Visual Evidence
  • Remote Capabilities

Security challenges including escalating risks, tighter budgets, reduced staff, and the convergence of security and IT, are something most businesses must contend with.

Our video systems are responsive to this, providing low cost of ownership, easy organizational interoperability and efficient deployment via comprehensive integrated solutions designed to meet your needs. Open architecture allows us to enhance any video network, utilizing your current equipment and complementing it with improvements to make your video surveillance work harder for you.


Many organizations are seeking out advanced IP camera technology. After all, IP delivers outstanding image quality, efficient compression and real time video at a managed band width. But what if you already have a dependable analog system in place?

BranchServ will analyze your infrastructure to determine the most effective way to support cameras and communications in the context of operational constraints, and we will develop a hybrid solution that works for you. IP and analog CAN work together seamlessly with the right interface, experience and expertise.

BranchServ offers both analog and IP cameras, networked with requisite encoders and software and ultimately supported by a server. Configuration is customized to meet the needs of your facility, with an eye to ROI, long-term storage limitations and band-width demands. Remote viewing and searching is facilitated and export ability is supported.

BranchServ is an authorized distributor of Cameras from

Cameras from Arecont Vision, Panasonic, Axis Communications, and Vitek also available.

Encoders convert analog cameras to IP. An encoder compresses the analog video feed and makes it available over the IP network.

When upgrading systems to IP cameras it is not always practical to replace all existing equipment. Using Encoders, switches and hybrid video recording can allow your organization to upgrade to an IP solution and keep your costs down.

BranchServ is an authorized distributor of Encoders & Switches from

NVRS (Network Video Servers) are the ideal recording solution for IP video surveillance systems, as they are quite powerful and facilitate high definition recording and viewing.

While user friendly, this equipment delivers and ensures performance. NVRs from BranchServ can translate analog signals from cameras into a digital and IP based video stream for broadcasting over an IP network. This can then be accessed via a standard web browser.

DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) are basically an advanced version of CCTV, providing quality and performance options that meet the needs of specific users.

The DVRs in the BranchServ line-up can record, transmit and search video/audio while simultaneously monitoring live and post-event playback. DVRs provide a fast network connection at a nominal cost. They are often used in transition from analog to IP as they provide hybrid support for both technologies.

BranchServ is an authorized distributor of DVRs and NVRs from