E.F. Bavis & Assoc.

E.F. Bavis & Assoc.

E.F. Bavis designs and builds innovative drive-up systems and supporting products.

Their designs focus on providing superior convenience for the end customer while maximizing cost-efficiency and reliability of the drive-up installation. Products include:

The Autoveyor System is a premier drive-up system for retail branches:

  • Quiet and fast
  • Excellent visibility for teller to customer
  • Available with purpose-built Bavis Audio system with superior sound quality
  • Low cost of operation
    • Low cost replacement carriers
    • 10 Year limited warranty
    • Superior reliability, averaging only one call per year per lane
  • Unlimited weight carrying capacity—anything that can fit in the carrier, even concrete
  • UL listed

The TransTrax provides many of the same benefits of the retail Autoveyor, but at a fraction of the cost. This particular UL listed system was specifically designed to compete with the lower cost pneumatic tube systems.

When compared to pneumatic systems, it offers much better reliability, equal or better weight carrying capacity and creates less noise when in operation.

It is also the only drive-up system in the industry to offer customers the convenience of car and truck stopping heights.

Bavis transaction drawers offer trouble free operation and user convenience.

  • Reliable. Unique drive system eliminates gears, belts, pulleys and switches through the use of solid state electronics making it the most trouble free in its class. It only requires 43 parts compared to over 150 for competitive products.
  • Convenient for Tellers. The Transaction Drawer's use of flat seals reduces transfer of noise and vehicle contaminants while preventing cold and hot air from entering the building.

Bavis produces a complete line of vision windows that offer cost-effective protection and convenience.

  • Secure. The standard glass included with each window is an NIJ / UL rated bullet resistant material with a variety of protection levels available.
  • Easy to Install and Repair. Windows are self-trimming and shipped with glass installed, requiring less labor to install. Glass can be replaced from the outside.

Sample Product Photos: