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BranchServ is an authorized distributor for Hamilton Safe, National Safe, Access Security Products and Securifort.

We offer a variety of high-security standard safes that protect against theft and/or fire with ratings of TL-15, TL-30 and TR/TL 30x6. In addition, we custom-configure any safe to meet the project's size requirements.

Plate Safes & Composite

Plate Safes are available with TL-15, TL-30, and TRTL-30, and TR/TL-30x6 UL ratings. Composite safes are an alternative to steel plate safes, with walls made of thin steel forms filled with high performance aggregate. The result is a UL rated TL-15 or TL-30 security chest at a much lower cost than a traditional plate safe.

Options & Customization

  • Interiors can be customized with adjustable shelves or purpose-built compartments
  • A range of exterior finish options
  • Door swing in either direction

Locking & Security Mechanisms

  • UL Combination locks with key locking dials
  • Glass re-lockers
  • Electronic locks
  • Time locks (2 or 3 movements)
  • Full height locking bar on hinge side

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The CustomVault MicroVault™ is true pre-cast modular vault, built on a small scale. MicroVault™ provides step-in storage where you might have only considered a large safe in the past, or where access conditions prevent delivery of a large safe. Priced at a lower cost per square foot when compared to traditional refrigerator safes, MicroVault™ offers the convenience of added capacity (starting at 93 square feet) that can be placed right within the work environment.

Ideally suited for installation where all day access to secured items is needed, such as a bank cash room.

Learn more about MicroVault™ at