Product Category: Vault Doors

CustomVault, BranchServ's sister company, provides its own private label UL Listed Vault Doors and is also an authorized distributor of vault doors from Hamilton Safe.

BranchServ custom-configures vault doors to the specific security, site and business requirements of the project. Size, finish, locking mechanisms and emergency features can all be customized. Doors are available with Class M, 1, 2, and 3 UL ratings.

  • Any Size, For Any Application. We offer a variety of application-driven sizing options to efficiently accommodate access requirements including elevator height doors, custom-sized doors and extra wide doors.
  • Customized Finish Options. Customized finish options are available to allow the vault door to blend seamlessly with your architecture and environment. Stainless steel finish standard, with a shiplap connection to allow for installation without grout. Daygates available in acrylic brushed aluminum bar style or expanded metal.
  • Equipped For Emergencies. Emergency features include vault ventilators which incorporate a small fan to draw fresh air into the vault system in the event of an emergency where someone is locked within the vault. Doors may also be equipped with a phone on the inside door panel.
  • Custom Locking Mechanisms. Doors are equipped with three movement, 144 hour timelocks and up to 3 UL listed single or dual-control combination locks. Electronic locks also available with or without audit trail capability.

BranchServ is an authorized distributor of Vault Doors from

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